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Royal Dance Works is respected as a leader in the dance industry. Instructors, parents, and dance students all have great things to say about Royal Dance Works. We hope you will consider enrolling in our studio.

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People are Talking about Royal Dance Works, Arizona's Top Rated Dance Studio

Wes Veldink - International Master Teacher / Choreographer
"I am so inspired by the artistic integrity, passion for dance, and commmitment to excellence that I have experienced at ROYAL DANCE WORKS. These dancers are a pleasure and a gift."

Leslie France - Prescott, Arizona
Our daughter Alex is considering dance as a career. Over the years, she has studied and competed with many studios, but we chose to make Royal Dance Works her home because we believe it has the staff and standards to raise her skills to the next level, while teaching her how to be a good and gracious person. We commute from Prescott at least three days a week so she can have the best dance instruction in Arizona.

Jackie Sleight - L.A. DanceMagic
"Royal Dance Works provides encouragement, motivation and excitement for their students….and for the parents of their students…..peace of mind. Royal stresses teamwork, integrity and respect, all while bringing the latest, most cutting-edge styles. I love their energy!"

Sandy & John Bercel - Fountain Hills, Arizona
"Elizabeth, 17yrs old, has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and the dance studio she was at has always been like a second home. When trying to find a new studio, after her dance group disbanded, we found a wonderful new home for her in Royal Dance Works. Everyone welcomed her with open arms and took her in as one of their own. She's had a wonderful and positive first year allowing her new and cutting edge opportunities. Even though the drive for us is far, we couldn't have found a better fit. She can't wait to start her final competitive dance year with her new family."

Brian Friedman - Choreographer / Judge "So You Think You Can Dance"
"When I teach at Royal Dance Works, I am not only re-energized, but also challenged in a way that only a few studios can do. The dancers give more than technique... they give heart, and soul, something that is only found with the best of training. I can't wait for my next opportunity to go back and work with them again."

Jennifer Hamilton - International Master Teacher / Choreographer
"Your dancers are so supportive of one another. It's very energizing and inspiring. The Royal dancers always want to learn. You can feel their focus in class and their desire to soak up all the information they can. I love teaching students like that!"

Muriel and Sherwin Stoorman - Phoenix, Arizona
"Royal Dance Works is more than a dance studio. . . it becomes home. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by the warm and professional front desk, it is a wonderful and inviting atmosphere. The staff is top notch and the instruction phenomenal. They truly care for the total well-being of the dancer and get to know them on a one-on-one basis. Our daughter has learned not only dance skills but also strength of character, discipline, and dedication. She has made friendships here that will last a lifetime, and I, as a parent, have as well. It is our home away from home."

John and Renae Germinaro - Phoenix, Arizona
"Our 5 and 7 year old daughters each started dancing at Royal Dance Works at age 3, and their feet haven’t stopped moving since! Each year we have been more and more amazed at their ever improving dance skills and confidence. The instructors are gifted with both talent and patience, and through their own magic find a way to teach even the smallest child a genuine enthusiasm and love for dance. Thanks, Royal!"

Lisa and Sean Nolen - Scottsdale, Ariona
"We look forward to the Royal Dance Works recital every year because we see dancers having the time of their lives, parents beaming with pride, and the studio nurturing and furthering excellence. We can't wait until June to see Megan, Alex and all their friends on stage!"

Sheldon and Jo Switzer - Scottsdale, Arizona
"Royal Dance Works makes Elissa feel like she’s a star; thanks for all you’ve helped her to be!"

Kent Dana - Dance Parent and News Anchor, Phoenix CBS 5
"When my daughter, Susan, started taking dancing lessons at Royal Dance Works 28 years ago, I never dreamed it would have such a positive impact in her life. From the first eager but slightly awkward dance recital, to competing and winning national awards in New York, to becoming a professional dancer in a foreign country, she has gained the poise, confidence and skills that will last a lifetime. Royal Dance Works sets the standard for high quality instruction and has always taught her to strive for excellence. The studio has provided the essential encouragement to enable her to excel at something she loves. I can't think of a better way for a proud Father to watch his daughter grow and achieve."

What Some of RDW's Students Have to Say about the Dance Studio

Heidi Hansen
"Every day I look forward to all my dance classes. I learn so much in just one hour. I have so much fun at the studio. Why do I love it so much? I love it because it’s Royal Dance Works. -- As I walk in the door, the aroma of greetings, laughs, and conversations surround me. Friends call out hello as I rush to class. I love how the dancers at Royal are so close-knit and friendly, always chatting and having fun with one another. An astounding number of my friends are from Royal. From the youngest Mini to the most experienced Senior, everyone always has friends to hang out and dance with. The studio is a great environment. -- When class begins, my teacher turns on the music and we start stretching. All of the Royal teachers are so different, yet they all have one thing in common; they want to share their knowledge of dance with their students. Each teacher knows a lot about dancing. Whenever I have a question, they’re always happy to answer. They all can tell you what you’re going well and how you can improve. Royal Dance Works has great teachers! -- The studio has lots of room for both dancing and breaks. The five studios are spacious and colorful. Lounges for both teachers and students provide a comfortable break area. It’s so nice to have so much space. -- I love RDW. I wouldn’t choose any other studio. From ballet to hip hop, from technique to musical theater, every type of dancer is nourished in knowledge and passion of dancing. And I think that’s what I love most about Royal; many friends come together to have fun and learn."

Caitlyn Singleton
"Dance is a way for me to express my true feelings, in a way some people might not understand. At just the right studio this can be done. A studio of hard work, happiness, friendship, a place where dreams come true. When I think of these descriptions, only one thing pops up in my head, Royal Dance Works. -- When I first moved here I didn’t have any friends. Most people think everyone at a fantastic studio like Royal would be snobby…here it’s the exact opposite. The first class I took everyone was very welcoming and couldn’t be thought of as a snob. Out of all the studios we could have chosen, I’m glad we chose Royal. -- All of the teachers at RDW shape us to the dancers we are today. The teachers are not strict, but they push you to exceed your goals as a dancer. -- Family is a word that means many things. When I think of this work I think of everyone in performance company at Royal. Most people would think that competitive studios just care about getting the highest achievement. No, Royal cares about meeting new people and achieving a high goal. Everyone at Royal in performance is one BIG family. -- There are so many goals that we can strive to achieve at RDW. Each year you can try to get into a higher performance company. Also, there is a thing called performance student of the month. 1 student is chosen each month based on how hard they have been working and how much they have improved. I love reaching for the stars. -- Royal Dance Works is an excelling studio, with something to look forward to each year. Passion is one word to describe Royal…my second home."

Rosie Ramella
"I like Royal Dance Works because the moment I was in the door I was so scared but when I went in my class I was greeted by Mrs. Rosemary and different people. Mrs. Rosemary was and still is an awesome and beautiful teacher she has been teaching me ever since I was 6 and now I’m 10! -- Mrs. Lupe is an awesome and beautiful teacher and she is the greatest jazz dancer I ever seen and she has been teaching me ever since I was 7! And all the people are so nice to me they treated me with respect and they have great manners and thank you for giving me a second try when I needed it."

Katie Rachel
"Royal Dance Works has been giving me a dance education from the age of three. Throughout my years, I’ve learned jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop and musical theater. At the age of six something began to change for me at Royal. They asked me to join company as a mini. As my parents began to enroll me into company, Royal started to mix into my life. I was there longer hours, worked harder to get front spots in my dances, and slowly became a part of what I like to call the “Royal family”. Royal has some of the best teachers, but they aren’t just my teachers. They’re my role models. Royal isn’t just a place to learn dance, it’s so much deeper. There is no way I can describe to you how amazing it feels to have a staff and students backing you up on a hard day. And on top of that, taking a hard day and flipping it around 180 degrees!! I am so blessed to have them in my life. So in the end, there isn’t just one thing I love about Royal, it’s everything!

Emily Crawford
"Royal Dance Works is a studio that makes dancing fun. At this studio I have the chance to learn a lot of different styles of dance from amazing teachers. I also have many opportunities to perform on stage. At Royal I also have made many friends and get to hang out with them at a lot of parties at the studio. -- In the 4 years I have been at the studio I have been exposed to many styles of dance taught by many extremely talented instructors. They no only teach dance but the teachers have a way of making all the dancers feel special. The teachers are able to maintain a fun learning environment while pushing each dancer to perform at a high level. -- Royal Dance Works is a place to make many good friends. I have made many friends with other dancers in my classes. I also get the option to hang out with them at the after hour parties at the studio. But the thing I like the most is the support and encouragement I get from the older dancers at the studio. -- The last thing I love about this studio is the chance to wear cool outfits and to perform all my dances I learned on stage in front of an audience. This has helped me become self confident not only on stage but also in my classroom at school and with my friends. -- I look forward to many more years at Royal Dance Works. I can’t wait to work with new teachers, learn new techniques and make new friends. Most of all I can’t wait to continue having fun while dancing at the studio."

Tara Singleton
"I love Royal Dance Works for so many reasons. Even though I haven’t been here long it already feels like my second home. It is fantastic! -- The teachers and staff play a GINORMOUS role at the studio. They add life and characteristics to RDW. Each teacher gives great tips and encourages us not to give up. Though I only have Susan, Jessica, Chris, Rosemary, Renae, Lupe, and Humberto as my teachers, I want to acknowledge all the other teachers that help make Royal a great studio. -- Performance groups are also something I love about RDW. The talent what we have in dance is recognized as you decide what groups we are in. Having us bunched together like this is a great way, in my mind, to meet other dancers and add to our “Family”. -- Another thing that is super amazing about Royal Dance is that we get to experience riveting activities with our “Family”. I uost got to experience my first picnic. That got me hyped up for the other events like showcase, recital, Glendale Glitters, and competitions/conventions. The idea that Carole and the other staff took time to plan this is caring and generous. -- From what I explained why wouldn’t you love Royal Dance Works? Events, performance and people. That’s what I love about Royal Dance Works."

Meghan Kenney
"I have been dancing at Royal Dance Works for 10 years. There isn’t anything that I don’t love about Royal. From the teachers to the classes, Royal has given me so much more than just dance lessons. It’s not just a dance studio; Royal Dance Works is my second home. The moment you step inside the door, you can feel the love, energy and passion for dance. They allow you to grow as a dancer and a person. When I’ve had a bad day, I look forward to going to the place that will lift my spirits. While dancing at Royal, I have received only the best training and experiences. Dancing at Royal has given me confidence and higher self-esteem. I have developed many friendships and memories that will last me a lifetime. They have made a huge impact on my life and I am forever grateful."

Riley Kazmarowski
"I love so many things about Royal. I love all my teachers. They are so nice and helpful. They are funny to. I also liked the picnic we had. It was so much fun finding out who my buddy was. The performing arts camp that I was in was so much fun. I also met lots of new friends and I had a blast. My most favorite thing about Royal is being part of the performance group. I have so much fun and I am learning so much. I can’t wait for our first performance at Glendale Glitters. When I joined Royal I didn’t really know anybody. But one dancer introduced me to 15 people so now I know 30 people. My old dance studio only had 3 classrooms but Royal has 5 rooms. That is how much I like Royal!!!!!!"

Jenna Germinaro
"It’s my home away from home. I’ve met so many friends here at Royal. I just love recital, Orpheum, and all our competitions especially LA Dance Magic. I love Musical Theater too. I love taking classes with Susan, Missy, Jessica, Shanon, Renae, Ms. Rosemary, Tony, Lupe, Humberto, and Chris. I also love seeing all the costumes at the end of the year. I just loved my “Dive in the Pool” costume. My dad and I have discovered so many new songs and artists. It’s made me grow so much as a person and a dancer. I love dancing at Royal."

Mia Germinaro
"I met some of my best friends at Royal. I love to dance too! But my favorite thing to do is see all our costumes. I love all our teachers. I love to grow at dance. It’s fun to perform in front of audiences. I love dancing at Royal Dance Works studio"

Stephanie Derendal - Dance Student, Adult Dance Classes
"I danced in the Royal Dance Works Performance Company for many years, and then went on to dance professionally. Today, I am just looking to dance and get some exercise in an adult setting. The teachers are fantastic and work with all levels. The adult classes are GREAT!"

Amanda Cockrill - Dance Student, Adult Dance Classes
"I started taking the adult jazz and adult ballet classes at Royal Dance Works two years ago. I danced a lot growing up but it had been 10 years since I had taken class. The classes are great - so much fun and adaptable to fit different levels of technical ability. They helped me get in better shape, relieve stress, have some me-time and get back to an activity that I had always loved and missed. This past year I added hip-hop to get more exercise and am loving that too. I can't wait until classes start again in August!!"

Joanna Stockford - Dance Student, Adult Dance Classes
"As the mother of a young dancer at Royal Dance Works, I’ve really enjoyed the adult classes they offer. There is a variety of classes at different times, which provides plenty of flexibility for my schedule. The teachers do a great job of accommodating different levels within the class- from those who have never danced, to people who danced many years previously. But most importantly, I get a good workout while having fun."

Veronica Escalante - Dance Student, Adult Dance Classes
"Royal Dance Works adult classes are fun and professional. The classes have allowed me to strengthen my dance abilities and to continue my love and passion for dance."